I nabbed some code that creates created_box object that represents the Arbitrarily oriented minimum bounding box by volume of the selected_object

I get the rotation of the created box like so:

rotX = created_box.rotation_euler[0]
rotY = created_box.rotation_euler[1]
rotZ = created_box.rotation_euler[2]

I want to apply that rotation in reverse to selected_object such that the minimum bounding box is axis-aligned. I think to do this, I need to pass a ZYX euler instead of an XYZ. How would I go about doing this?


I set my selected object's rotation_mode to ZYXand entered the values as

    selected_object.rotation_mode = 'ZYX'
    selected_object.rotation_euler[0] = rotX * -1
    selected_object.rotation_euler[1] = rotY * -1
    selected_object.rotation_euler[2] = rotZ * -1    

This rotated the object into the correct position.

Thanks Robert for the link :)


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