I was looking for a way to snap one object ( wooden plank ) in a rounded surface ( sphere ). actually i'm using a shrinkwrap modifier but the result is not what i want..

enter image description here

I would like that the wooden plank follow the curve of the sphere like the brick follow the curved surface in this picture.


I hope I explained myself.

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  1. create a 2D lattice and match it with your tile
  2. use the Lattice modifier on the tile and assign the create lattice
  3. parent the tile to the lattice
  4. add the Shrink wrap modifier to the lattice
  5. Enable Snap to Face on your target object
  6. move the lattice on the target object.

Play around with shrinkwrap offset, lattice resolution and subdiv modifiers to tune it.

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here


The Shrinkwrap modifier will need the wood to have plenty of edges to make the turn first of all BUT it will flatten the wood. So, make first only a 2d plane to Shrinkwrap that is the size of the wood's X and Y but not depth.

Shrinkwrap (perhaps by projection, not "nearest surface point" as is in the blurry image). Position. Duplicate. Apply the modifier.

Now you can Extrude the 2D pieces into the 3D planks you envision.


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