I'm working on some voxel art and i use blender to get my 3D objects to blocks so i can re-create it in different software.

It would help me a lot if i could hide / show different layers on the Y axis.

Is there a option to show for example only all blocks on the first layer of blocks. After that the second layer etc.

So for example lets take a pyramid. If you would "Block tools > Pixelate object" it Blender would create blocks as in;

Bottom layer: 16x16 blocks Second layer: 15x15 blocks Third layer: 14x14 blocks

I would like to be able to show the bottom layer and hide the layers on top of that. After i've recreated the first layer i would like to hide it and only show the second layer and so on.

It there a option within blender to actually do this?


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