Even though the 3D Viewport suggests that shadows should be visible (though they might be blurry), I don't get any shadows in the render:

scene and render window at the same time

As can be seen, some faint shadows are there, but none in the final render. (I notice that I have rotated the HDRI a bit so it does not match with the render, but that should not matter. I tried different angles.)

  • $\begingroup$ Looks like you are not showing the shadow catcher in render. Check that I'm the outliner $\endgroup$ – Frederik Steinmetz Apr 5 at 15:02
  • $\begingroup$ I forgot to say that I have already set the plane to be "Shadow Catcher" in the outliner. (The tick box) $\endgroup$ – Jan Barsk Apr 6 at 2:44
  • $\begingroup$ I solved the problem myself after a second look. "Show in Renders" has to be ticked in. (That tick box sits nearby the "Shadow Catcher" tick box.) Thanks Frederik for trying to help anyway. $\endgroup$ – Jan Barsk Apr 6 at 3:00

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