I've been trying the new Blender scatter object functionality. It seems to work well for trees:

straight palm trees

However, other objects do not get placed straight:

grass crooked

This seems to be a characteristic of the different objects being placed, but I am not sure what that is.

Right now, I am trying to solve the problem of using particle systems for the ground, where weight paint is very slow, and does not paint with equal weights in areas of the mesh that have less detail (the ground being a custom topology and not a subdivided plane). I don't want the additional overhead of subdivided topology as my memory is already on the low side.

I've been eyeing other solutions like Graswald, but once again, it uses the weight paint system that operates very slowly and unequally over meshes. Is there a way to weight paint using an image texture that is separate from geometry, or is there some better solution for painting grass on a non-subdivided mesh?


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