I have made a character on blender using the blender game engine. The character is rigged and weight painted properly.

However, when I set the armature to physics: character, and press p, the whole mesh and armature flies off the screen into the distance.

Is there anyway to fix this or am i missing something?


This is probably happening because your character has a static physics type..

Just select the character (mesh) and set its physics to "No Collision"

enter image description here

A better setup would be as follow :

  • Main character mesh - Physics : No Collision.
  • Armature - Physics : No Collision.
  • Add a mesh representing the character collision box - Physics : Character or whatever you like!
  • Parent the armature to the collision box and that's it!

The armature would control the animations (actions) and the collision box would control everything else

enter image description here

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  • $\begingroup$ Hi there. Sorry it has been a while since I replied! But how do I create a collision box? Do I add a lattice or an empty? I tried using a lattice - scaling up to match my character and then parenting my armature to it - but when I tested it in play, it just disappeared! Is it a different way? $\endgroup$ – JayRoy yesterday

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