i am trying to read the *.ase files created by Adobe's Color Scheme Platform. I have found a python code that parses the data. https://github.com/nsfmc/swatch

However I can't get it to run in AN. I don't know if the problems is already in the "Text File Read"-Node and its encoding option or if the code itself needs to be treated differently inside the "script"-Node. Although Adobe speaks of Big Endian encoding like "UTF-32-BE" this didn't work at all. Therefore I went with "ANSI".

In my example I just don't get any useful output. The code expects a file object so I added lines 18,19 that convert the data from the "Text File Read"-Node into a binary object that allows methods like .read().

Maybe I think to complicated? Any ideas?

thank you

My system: Windows 10 Blender 2.82 with Animation Nodes 2.1.4

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