sorry in advance, I don't know a lot of the terminology for 3d and I don't know blender either but I am struggling through it. I have two pictures here, the first shows an Empty (the orange circle) and its local orientation for Xyz. The second a wheel and it's orientation for Xyz. The wheel is a child of the empty (empty is the parent). I want to match the orientation of the wheel to the empty without changing the mesh position. So I want the orientation Xyz arrow to face the same direction as it's parent.

How can I do this easily, or in as few steps as possible, I need to do it for about 20 objects, 5 for each wheel setup on the car. The rotation for the parent empty is X=90, Y=0, Z=180 and for the other objects it all X,y and Z = 0.


ge orientation of rotation without rotating the mesh

enter image description here



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