I was looking at the answers for other Blender versions but it seems like it's always changing.

I don't know if I'm correct but something called "pip" is supposed to come with blenders python in 2.83 and you're supposed to use that to install a custom module.

My end goal is to be able to use "import serial" with my scripts.


I followed this tutorial: http://www.techmonkeybusiness.com/hand-installing-pyserial-into-python-installations.html

The tutorial says:

  1. Download the pyserial source code. The file you're looking for ends with .tar.gz
  2. Unzipp what you've downloaded
  3. Copy the serial folder it is under PySerial\pyserial-3.2.1\serial (the version can change)
  4. Paste the folder in your blender modules folder 2.83\scripts\modules

and now you should be able to use import serial

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