I have several objects in a collection. Some only carve others and should always be invisible. I want to select all objects in a collection, so that I can move it without changing its internal structure. Yet Collection -> Select objects selects only the visible ones. It makes no sense to me - the carvings should move together with the carved.

So I need to make temporarily visible all invisible objects one by one, then select objects, then move the collection, then deselect the objects which should be invisible. Time consuming and error prone.

Blender has multiple methods of choosing object visibility, eye, screen, camera. I tried different combinations, and it seems that both eye and camera exclude an object from "select in collection". Any method of having an object which is invisible on the screen and in the rendering, but can be selected as a member of a collection? Doesn't "select all in a collection" sound like a basic operation"?


You can select the first object in the collection and then go down to the last object and Shift select, this will select all objects that are between the two selected ones(even if their visibillity is set to off).

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  • $\begingroup$ It does selects objects, but at least in one case, when I try to move them, only the visible ones move together. If I make an already selected object visible and try to move the selected objects again, then the object just made visible moves as well. So there is kind-of two-level selection in Blender? $\endgroup$ – scriptfoo Apr 2 at 8:04
  • $\begingroup$ Is is particularly visible when I delete objects in a selection made that way: all objects disappear. Now I undo, move objects in the same selection and only the visible ones actually move. $\endgroup$ – scriptfoo Apr 2 at 8:06

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