I am a landscape architect and I have been learning Blender for a few months now and I just started with Twinmotion. Something I don't understand is that navigation fluidity in the viewport with the same models and textures are drastically different.

Example : let's create a few high poly trees on a high poly generated landscape, drop some rocks, weeds and grass on it, duplicate trees and play around with in Blender. The viewport starts lagging and quickly gets to a point you can't navigate anymore, in Solid Mode, Matprev, or Rendered. So no choice to use proxyfier as you create the different elements.

Now, let's export the scene in FBX for Twinmotion. Magic! Navigation flows perfectly and I can even add another 30 trees from Twinmotion assets library with no problem.

Why is that? Because same polycount, same textures resolutions.

I would love to do everything (modeling, texturing, rendering, compositing) in Blender but since nature assets are always different and quite demanding, I have to model them in Blender and import them in Twinmotion.

System :

  • Macbook pro 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7
  • 32Gb RAM
  • Vega Frontier 16Gb

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