So for a project I'm working on I have hundreds of models in FBX format(including animations)

These FBX files were originally DAE but due to issues with the Y-Axis being up, the animations got all wonky and distorted, so after converting them all to FBX using AutoDesk FBX 2013.3, the models could be imported into blender without having incorrect animations distort the model.

enter image description here

So as explained in the image above, there are all these darker colored spots in the time line only visible whilst in pose mode, but exactly when the time line gets to a darker colored spot is when it switches to what should be a separate animation, how convenient!

So my question is what are these darker spots called, if I know that, I can look into Blender scripting(would be a first time) and split the key frame into separate animations at every dark spot.

Still very new to the animating side of Blender. So if I used any incorrect terms or mix-matched terms: sorry :(


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