This is the image of the dish I am trying to make in Blender, I am having hard time with the texture and randomness of it as all the pores are not exactly circular.

I also needed help with the rough and irregular edges.


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Simple speaking, with basic sponge textures or wall pores textures we can make idli textures.

found a "sponge texture" from google images. 1

then converted it to blackandwhite image using Photoshop 3

and used that blackandwhite image to covert it to NormalMap image Filters>3D>NormalMap(or)BumpMap. 2

Made a simple scene containing a plate and idli. Making chutney would take quite a time.. so just added a plate and idli. Then unwarped idli and added above textures and hence this final render fellow indian. enter image description here

or for detailed texturing try what @Robin Betts said in comments section.


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