[EDIT: I'm pretty sure this was just a weird glitch. I switched to 'bump' as the node, then back to displacement, and it went away. Really odd but anyway. Maybe this can help someone else] I'm new to Blender but I've tried everything I can think of, looked for answers online, and found nothing. The objects I'm using as particles look fine in the internal material preview mode, and when I move to the cycles rendered mode the outline still selects and looks fine, but they object is surrounded and encased in a strange blob structure that is uneditable/unselectable. It doesn't appear to be part of the mesh?? It changes shape slightly when I modify the displacement of the noise texture I have applied to it, but won't go away unless I delete the displacement, so I'm pretty sure it's resulting from that node. Also, it's only happening to the two objects I duplicated from the original one, on the far left.enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here Please go easy on me, I'm brand new and this is only my third foray into the program.


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The 'blob' happens when you set high Midlevel in the Displacement node.
Yours is set to 4,2 (default is 0,5)

  • The 'blob' cannot be selected, because it's just displaced polygons
  • It only happens in Cycles preview, because Eevee preview doesn't support displacement
  • Noise texture only suplies values 0-1, so high midlevel may look weird

Displacement Midlevel
Neutral displacement value that causes no displacement. With the default 0.5, any lower values will cause the surfaces to be pushed inwards, and any higher values will push it outwards.

Blender Manual

enter image description here


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