My workflow is as follows:

  1. I created a low poly character. Each part of the body is a separate object. I also created joints.
  2. Then I created underwear so that it could hide the joints and so that it was clothes at the same time. Here are socks, pants and a jacket.
  3. Next, on top of the underwear, I created armor and armature. modeling steps
  4. It's time to move the character. The fact is that thanks to the individual parts of the body, I can make them bones and the character moves perfectly.
  5. I went to YouTube to find out how to solve the problem with clothes. However, I found only lessons where people create a character from one object, and the clothes that should move are just part of the form.
  6. Then I found a lesson where they work with the weight of an object:

    A. Join the body of the character (Ctrl + J) and set parent to the armature with automatic weights

    B. Joning all parts of the armor (Ctrl + J and set parent to the armature with empty groups

    C. Select a character, then armor and go into weight mode

    D. Apply the settings.

  7. Yes, the armor began to move with the body, but they literally became one object when moving. If I tilt my body stronger, the armor inside the body will be very ugly.

armor rigging steps

My question is: Can I make some (metal) armor really hard so that they do not deform when moving and hook them on a bone or joint?

Perhaps I created a problem by creating such a complex character, I'm new in the Blender.


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If you want to make something to deform like absolutely solid thing, you need to maintain the vertex weights of this part assigned to one single bone, and only this bone. That may lead to further problems though. Generally, skinning such "sandwich" chars as yours is always a pain in a butt, and you'll probably have to be ready to agree with some clipping in any case...

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    $\begingroup$ Thank u, Vedamir. It remains to understand how to transfer this to unity and create similar things for future sets)) What I did: for each element of armor I created a separate armature (inside the existing skeleton) and set parent to the armature as "bone". For each new reinforcement applied a bond to the corresponding human bone. That is, now, with the movement of the leg, the boot also moves. At what the boot has absolute strength and if I want, I can turn it. $\endgroup$
    – Anatoly
    Mar 14, 2020 at 8:07

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