Recently at my work we've been working on a research project where I take Ct scan results, convert them into .stl's, clean them up in Blender and then have been exporting them to a program called xFlow to run CFD simulations on them. Well, with the most recent updates to Blender and more advanced fluid dynamics math built in, I'm beginning to wonder if this can all be done in Blender and we don't need to keep asking more money to pay for the xflow license.

I KNOW we can definitely create a liquid in Blender, I know we can give it initial velocities and I figure with the new math built in its probably FAIRLY accurate, at least for what we need. My question is: can we get actual, numerical results out of it (besides just seeing the render). For instance in xflow, I can pick specific points and see a graph of: over time, whats the velocity/pressure/etc.. at that specific point: enter image description here

Is there a way to export anything from Blender that would have that? Even if it means exporting to some other open source software like paraview, etc?


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