I made a character where every element is separated as their own objects. (clothes, hair, eyes, tongue teeth, hands...) Should I join them to be one big mesh or keep them separated? How do I rig this and make weight paintings? I think automatic weights do not work probably. I have experiences that with autoweights I get for example jacket buttons behave in a weird way. Also, my knowledge of riggin is something in these lines "Parent your object to bones with automatic weights and fix with weight paint". After that when I am able to pose my charcter with a very basic ways, I am thinking that the rig is "good enough".



You can for example parent any mesh object to bones with 'Empty groups' option and then in weight paint mode paint the weights for that empty vertex group

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  • $\begingroup$ Thanks. I found one cool addon which I hope would be able to do that weighting part automatically so that I won't need to use too much time with painting. Still not tested it but at least now I have some hope: blendermarket.com/products/voxel-heat-diffuse-skinning $\endgroup$ – Artturi Mar 10 at 13:29

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