I am hitting a bunch of walls here, I am trying to achieve a look of smooth surfaces with flowing hard-is edges so I feel caught in the middle of alias and sculpting. Learning blender just now. The goal is more of a really complex lego duplo dolphin than a lord of the rings movie orc.

So I have some meshes that I have combined. The eye part is way too many quads (?) and the mouth part doesn't Boolean with the rest of the thing it still looks like 2 meshes but they seem to be joined and can't be separated again.

When I try to sculpt it becomes super slow.

Should I sculpt all the way from scratch instead or is it better to combine surfaces, I have no clue I'm used to rhino, fusion, alias.. but new to sculpt. Actually t-splines is perfect for me organic and still controlled, but too slow when it gets detailed and this is why I'm trying blender..

How should I do this?


enter image description here


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