I pose my armature select all bones and save them in the pose library, do another pose and save it in a new spot, repeat a couple times. Now I got like 5 poses.

If I sue the hour glass to switch between any amount of them the next one will always be the old one.

Say pose one is similar to my rest pose then I switch to "jump" pose then switch back to rest then back to jump now jump is rest. And I can't fix it at all, it does this for every single one. No matter what "order" I switch them in.

This is especially annoying working on action sequences that have lots of individual poses, it makes it impossible to see the previous pose to know how I want the next one to look, since it will just make it the old one.


Any help appreciated.

Another weird bug I've found that may be the culprit, removing keyframes in my action editor seems to reset every single pose to the rest pose in my pose library for some reason.

Okay i think I found the problem for some reason any dopesheet or action editor change reflects back onto the pose library for some reason and will reset every pose back to the rest position. I don't know why, but this seems like a pretty big bug as it makes it impossible to have any complex poses, or lots of poses in a pose library.


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