What i am trying to achieve :

  • Random floating floors (square plane)
  • floating stairs connecting to each of them (Line generator with steps)
  • all floating floors have another floor which is parallel to it so the stairs are straight and only going up or down

What i have achieved so far

  • Object instances get vertical elevation from index of loop
  • Random number to either or X or Y axis by using boolean switch

The problem :

all the planes are shifted from origin rather than using the location of the previous plane as starting point

So, is there a a way for the loop to get the location of the previous plane and offset the next plane in X or Y ?

enter image description here

For the stairs I'm planning to use line generator in start/end/step mode in loop to generate locations for the stair instances


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You can do this by using 'reassign'.

This is an option accessible from the 'loop subprogram' and which allow to obtain a node from which you can reassign an input parameter from some calculated result inside the subprogram.

  • Select the subprogram.
  • Go into the properties on the right, in the node tab, then click 'reassign' for the input you want.
  • That generates a reassign node, place it in the grid.

enter image description here

Now you can connect its input from the calculation you want (here probably the loop result).


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