Is there a simple way to curve my rope along the red line?

Everything I find on curves seems quite complex, and I just make a mess of it.

enter image description here


Using curves would probably be the best option for this, but as a simpler choice:

Create your rope shape out of single vertices:


Then, just go to the modifiers tab and add a skin modifier.

If the mesh is too big, go into edit mode, select all the vertices, and use Ctrl+A to resize the skin.

If you want, you can add a subdivision surface modifier to make it smoother:



Just borrow bits from your existing geometry. (If you model a lot, you learn to be lazy)

  • CtrlR cut a loop round the middle of your spool, if there isn't one there already
  • ShiftD duplicate it and P separate the selection into a new object
  • In Edit Mode, S scale it out about its median point a bit, Xdelete its bottom 2 edges
  • E Zextrude the new end vertices down in Z
  • .. and Header > Object Menu > convert to a curve.

enter image description here

You can bevel the curve in its Data tab > Geometry panel, and keep the bevel resolution down for a low-poly rope, or in the Header menu again, Edit Mode, all selected,Curve > Set Spline type to Bezier, and V set the control points to automatic to get a smooth rope... all sorts.


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