to the point: Why are polygons visible when rendering on cycles (Attention to the wheel), but not on eevee? hdri is same on both renders. The wheel has a smooth shade. In solid mode, everything is fine, and the mesh is almost perfect. Both renderings were through f12. thanks.

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ Check your material settings, are you using alpha blend? Change to opaque and see if that helps. $\endgroup$ – Neil Feb 27 '20 at 11:41
  • $\begingroup$ Are you certain that this isn't just a reflection of wood panels? Perhaps you can put the wheel in a different environment to check if this effect still occurs. $\endgroup$ – Robert Gützkow Feb 27 '20 at 12:05
  • $\begingroup$ The problem has solven. I just changed the normal texture of wheel to non-color and it works. I dont know why this helped, anyway it's over. $\endgroup$ – Jesus Feb 27 '20 at 12:56

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