I'm trying to make a simple crate model with a pixellated texture, but unwrapping the mesh results in an oddly distorted and angled mess of a UV map. I've already calculated that the texture needs to be 102 x 136, and the only thing stopping me from finishing is the distorted UV map. All of my transform settings are applied, and I've tried both angle-based and conformal UV mapping with both giving the exact same results, shown in the following screenshot. Distorted UV Map Is there any way to fix this?


It's generally very unusual to have a non-square UV map, and it's also pretty unusual to have a UV map that isn't based on powers of two. I don't know how you've come up with those numbers but you're almost certainly best off sticking to 128x128 if that's the rough size of texture you're looking at.

The non-square UV map is the reason you're having this problem, and if you really need it, there is a quick fix:

Select everything on the UV map and scale it by the ratio of the map itself. So in your case, S to scale, Y to constrain to the Y-axis, and then type 0.75 (102/136) as the amount and it will correct the distortion.

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