Is there any way to smoothen cylinder's faces just like subdivision modifier does with sphere?

  • Shade smooth - is not a solvation, just in case).
  • Subdivision modifier itself disfigures cylinder.
  • Subdivision operation in edit mode adds extra faces but doesn't change it's shape (doesn't smoothen it).
  • Subdividing in edit mode + "Smooth" instrument does better, but it changes cylinder's dimensions.
  • Increasing amount of vertices while adding cylinder - is a way, but what if i need some extra smooth after it's already added?

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Subdivision modifier and Edge Crease

Subsurf disfigure the cylinder, until you tell him to maintain a sharp edge at the extremities.

Select the edge loops at the extremities, then press Shift+E to enter in Edge Crease mode. Drag your mouse until the edges are perfectly sharp (Edge Crease = 1.0).

enter image description here


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