I use Blender 2.82 for 2 days now. I have real problem to get nice results with smoke. I cannot generate dense smoke. I tried everything. Nothing helps. I had no such a problem with previous version (2.81). The smoke is very weak, thin (not dense). Changing density in Principle Volume Shader DOES NOTHING. I tweak it from 1 up to even 1000000. The smoke is still weak and very transparent. I checked once more similar situation in earlier version and density (in volume matarial) changes a lot. Even with small values. I cannot make the visual change in 2.82

blend file

weak smoke


I had a same problem until I tried to solve yours one.
I have found that the most helpful is decreasing Volumetrics End Distance or increasing Volumetrics Samples amount. Picture1

For some reason I couldn't make the smoke render with OpenVDB cache. So I changed it to modular Uni Cache and made a full bake.



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