So I imported a mech i made then after rigging everything and weight painting everything i wanted to add some limits to some bones because my model is a mech and come joints should only bend in one direction like the elbows.(The following images arent from the latest file, but the latest one still has the same problem) So I added bone constraint to get the job done. Everything looks perfect (after hours of trial and error, im only 2 weeks in to blender) after i look closer and realize its not. enter image description here

Seemed like limiting all axes except for Z got me as close as possible to what I wanted.

enter image description here

And Just by looking at the joint you can see how it suppose to rotate the forearm and its seems like its fine (Atleast it did for me)enter image description here

But it seems like the bone or something ever so slightly tilts.

enter image description here

Same goes for the other side depending on which way i rotate

enter image description here

As oppose to how the joint is exactly suppose to be, perfectly aligned when in its default pose. Id like the joint to be perfectly aligned like that even after being rotated. Im only about 2 weeks into blender so if someone can help me please with this small issue id severely appreciate it. I am more than eager and yearning to learn more!


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