With World Gravity turned OFF. Two spheres in the scene, both having their own force fields (set to charge), same magnitude, opposite signs, in order to attract and presumably meet/collide at the median point.

What is required to make this happen ?

I tried the suggested parenting the "force field empty" to objects, but that results in some kind of buggy jittering, where objects appear at multiple points at once (can be seen if you inspect the blend found in this answer).

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I realize "rigid body" has to be activated in order for the objects to have inertia/mass which retards movement, otherwise the endowed objects would simply "teleport" under the influence of any force.

BTW Seems weird that the game-engine was omitted, since integrating all possible function forces the program as a whole to become more and more coherent, taking up as less memory as possible while delivering as many functions as possible. If one thinks about it, the physics engine can be used to accomplish/automate sooooo many tasks.

A quick way of accomplishing uniform movements of many objects, purely visually, by dupli-verting (now tested) CAN work if the "scaffold" mesh drives the scale of the dupli object inversely) (1/var)


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