I've just installed OpenPose and pyOpenPose and the Blender addon for OpenPose on Windows 10,that you can find here :


On the webpage,they say :

"This addon adds the possibility to control an armature through OpenPose, a library which does keypoint detection for body, face, hands and feet"

It seems that the script can control the whole body,BUT inside the package I found only this rigged face,not the whole body.

rigged face

What I don't understand is what should I do now. I mean,I want to track all the body,not only the face,but I don't know if the addon allows to do that. And what should I do to achieve this goal.

In addition to this,I've tried to control the face,follow this tutorial :


but at minute 1:20 he clicked on the start open pose button on the right of the screen and below you can see what happened :


I did the same,but the script has not been able to start the manycam app that should track my face.

Instead,when I track my face with OpenCV and this script :


it appears the openCV output window :


that grabs the video that I'm using that I have loaded inside the ManyCam app :



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