Is there any modifier that allows me to remesh let's say a one selected surface (triangulation)? I'm working on complex boolean objects. The problem when I apply boolean operations the mesh gets nasty at some point and I need to remesh only parts of the resulted boolean. Later, I will use this mesh as an input to another software so I need a clean stl mesh that works for Finite Element. It could help if someone tells me a trick even around it. I would really appreciate your help.

  • $\begingroup$ Triangulation helps a bit with boolean operation (that's what people say). Probably attach a simplified blend or screen with issue. Probably it can be solved in a different way. $\endgroup$ – vklidu Feb 15 '20 at 8:45

Yes, you can!


Boundary Aligned Remesh

  • Go into Edit Mode
  • Select the messy part of the mesh or just one face
  • Press P to separate the selection
  • Switch to Object Mode and select the separated mesh
  • Use boundary aligned remesh to recalculate a new triangle mesh (boundary verts will be saved to get a good welding with the source mesh)
  • In Object Mode CtrlJ join both meshes together again into one layer.
  • Go into Edit Mode again and weld them with Merge by Distance.

Voila, you should have a pretty good result now. Optionally smooth it a little bit with "relax" using Relax.


Remesh modifier does not have a function affecting only a specific group of vertices.

A: I don't think it is possible to Remesh only specific object faces.

Quite hard imagine how this "remeshed" part of model (vertex group) would be merged with original. I think it would result with much more artefact on surface - since it will mix two different topologies.


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