When I make smoke by Object > Quick effect > Quick Smoke/Liquid it appears nothing on the viewport.

Once I bake it appears just right in viewport, but still error while rendering.

I don't know what is wrong with my scene.

enter image description here

this is my Blender file

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This is a result of the change to mantaflow in Blender 2.82. You will have to click the Bake Data button on the Physics Properties Shelf of the Smoke Domain, and do this every time you make a change for that change to become visible.

You also have to bake noise data separately if you have noise activated.

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    $\begingroup$ oh wow This is not an error or something went wrong? It's sad that I can't check the smoke in real-time. Thanks a lot anyway. now I can stop reinstalling blender $\endgroup$ – Minus Feb 15 at 5:55

You can set Cache Type to Replay which is the default and play the animation in viewport or change it to Modular, and bake.

This is a basic scene with a cube set to domain and the sphere as the smoke inflow


scroll down and choose modular as shown in the image


then bake the data, you can bake particles separately too


And you will have smoke in viewport


This is using Blender 2.83 alpha build.

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