Blender 2.8 introduced the nice feature that the 3D cursor can be automatically aligned to geometry when clicking on a surface in Object Mode, if 3D Cursor > Active Tool "Surface Project" and "Orientation: Geometry" is activated.

Screenshot: Cursor Tools

To place the 3D cursor aligned to the surface normals in the center of a surface I currently need two steps: I first place the cursor in Object Mode somewhere on the surface of interest, then switch to Edit Mode, select the surface and move the cursor with Shift-S "(2) Cursor to Selected" in the center of the surface.

Is there a way to place the 3D cursor aligned a face normal in Edit Mode without leaving Edit Mode?

Although 3D cursors in Object Mode and Edit Mode are independent, as stated here, fortunately, the 3D cursor does not change its rotation, when switching from Object Mode to Edit Mode.

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    $\begingroup$ I wish. I really think Shift-S should respect the settings in the Cursor Tool. IMO, it badly needs fixing.It would speed things up a lot. $\endgroup$ Feb 13, 2020 at 18:42

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If someone needs i found that booleans make 3d cursor works properly. I really don't know how but here's the example. Sorry for my english by the way https://youtu.be/-4E6Xx9nayc


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