This is my first time using blender and rigify for animation. I thought it was a good idea to use the wolf rig as base for a dragon. im almost happy with it but i have some troubles with the neck.

My first problem is: I cant move the position of the first neck bone. When i try to move it a bit on the y-axis in edit mode the Def Spine and some other bones get terriby sterched in object and pose mode even without a skinned mesh. (reset everything with alt-r /alt-g doesnt work but the rest position looks fine and allying this as the rest position also messes up everything.)

Second problem: i think rigify uses the neck bones for some sort of ik but i would like to use normal fk with simple child and parent relationships (because the model has a bended long neck and i need to be able to rotate the bones against eachother) . but i couldnt figure out how to get rid of this. even if i try to adjust the metarig before generating the ik gets created even though i created the bones myself and set them to the bone type basic copy and changed their names or the script gets destroyed and i cant generate a rig.

like i said im new so every useful information is appreaciated :)


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well i just created a new rig for the head and connected it to the alredy generated rigify rig.


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