I asked this question yesterday > Animating tentacles

And one of the comments pointed me to using action constraints to achieve the effect I want. I followed the linked tutorials, and I was able to get a basic movement going. What I wasn't able to do, is add two action constraint to the same group of bones, and then use them together, one after the other.

Basically, I can get this (the sphere is the control bone): enter image description here (from the rest pose to a "closed" pose)

or I can get this

enter image description here

Moving from right to the center.

Each gif is one action in blender, one for the closing, one for the turning. I can have a constraint for one, but I can't get two constraints working at the same time, in order to basically chain the first action to the second one while controlling them with two separated control bones (one for the first and one for the second).

I've seen other videos too (some from other programs like 3DS Max or Maya), and they all seem to use this technique for simple A-to-B transitions (like straight finger to bent finger, or raise an eyebrow up and down), but not for more complicated stuff.

Is there anyway to achieve the effect I want or am I misunderstanding how to use the action constraints?


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