hello, I want to animate this rocking horse swinging back and forth (not up down) I tried proportional editing and inserting keyframes is there any modifier that i can use for more smooth transition?


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Can be done with one spiral curve and a few modifiers, order is important

  • add Extra curve (addon) > Spiral
  • search Convert to Mesh
  • deform by Simple Deform modifier > Bend
  • add Skin modifier (after deform so spring is not squized/stretched)
  • add Subdivision Surface modifier is needed to smooth shape

Animate Deform Angle in Simple Deform modifier properties. For nicer result you can use Elastic keyframe interpolation T on animation curve in Curve Editor.

enter image description here

For a bit more advanced spring shaping you can try also this similar technique here.

Or for easy animating things like spiral cabel I highly suggest Armature, generated by aawesome addon Armature from Edge Loops, that generates armature inside of spring (the link at first post to addon is working for me at Blender 3.x (located under 3D View > Properties > View > Bones from Mesh) Tutorial with blend can be found here https://blenderartists.org/t/phone-cable-with-armature-in-3-min/520741

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    $\begingroup$ tyvm! you gave me so much useful information it's ganna take me many more hours to get the hang of it! $\endgroup$ Commented Feb 9, 2020 at 19:14

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