Follow up on this Error: modifier cannot be applied on multi-user data

Thanks, the first part is working for me, however I wanted to preserve the shape keys - to import them to . So I am trying to do as follows:

  • Make a duplicate of the entire collection
  • On the copy:

    • Remove shape keys and un-parant
    • Apply the modifier
    • Then re-link (this is perhaps where things go wrong?)
  • Mirror the shape keys from the Original to the

The shape keys are visible but they are not working... I think the are getting mirrored, but not to all of my meshes..??

The mesh I am working with is a Makehuman character where I try to create shape-keys for expressions etc. This works very nicely, however when the mesh contains certain modifiers, the shape keys will not be imported to UE4.

Anyone knows what went wrong?


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