Well, I don't really know, how to describe this problem, but here it goes: I made a high poly and a low poly model of a bedsheet. Both have the same size and the normals are correct. There are no (official) errors accuring. But the problem is, that the baked Normal Map covers only a part of the UV Map (Smart UV Project by the way) -the middle to be exact. Everything is baked, but the projection is too small and sometimes it's not even the correct dimension. Now I noticed, when decreasing Ray Distance, the Normal Map grows bigger, but the problem is, when it fits the UV Map (which happens around 0.06) the rays are too short and so some parts remain black.

I'm still using 2.79 if this is any help.

The first picture shows the map with Ray Distance 0.300 and the second one with the value at 0.060. Ray Distance at 0.300 Ray Distance at 0.060

  • $\begingroup$ I just figured it out myself. So if anyone has the same problem, here comes the solution, which worked for me: I scaled both meshes down, then hit Ctrl+A and chose "Scale" (for both meshes). Then I baked the Normal Map and everything went fine because I could decrease the Ray Distance and the range of the rays were still big enough. After that I saved the map and hit Ctrl+Z until the mesh had the original size again. $\endgroup$ – The word Feb 6 at 19:50

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