I'm coming from Rhino3d and I'm having trouble understanding the conventions for orbiting, rotating, and panning the view port in Blender. For example, in Rhino3d clicking and holding the RMB at any time will allow you to either orbit the viewpoint (in perpective view) or to pan the viewpoint (in an orthographic view).

Blender appears to work like this only in sculpt mode, I would like to be able to use this method of navigation in all different workspaces/modes but I cannot however figure out what specific keymaps to change. In object mode and edit mode I am forced to use the widget in the upper right hand corner or the numpad in order to change my viewpoint, this is highly inefficient.

Adding to my confusion, the naming conventions for most things in Blender are....let's call them different. There seem to be keymaps for each individual workspace/mode; object mode, edit mode, sculpt mode...etc. I'm not sure what it is I need to change in order to achieve what my desired method of navigation in all modes.

Thanks for reading!


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