When I go into the sculpting tab the meshes are not visible. The only things I see is camera and light.

Layout tab: Cub is visible in layout tab

Sculpting tab: Cube is invisible in sculpting tab

Q: How to get the cube back?


What is the version of blender in your case? I check on mine version - it is ok, no such bug, default cube is visible. I have 2.81a

  • $\begingroup$ I also use 2.81a, it seems my computer is the issue, because I installed it on my office PC and it works fine there. I wonder what the problem is. $\endgroup$
    – John Doe
    Jan 29 '20 at 11:07
  • $\begingroup$ Try to reinstall latest build from Blender site. $\endgroup$
    – Silver Man
    Jan 30 '20 at 13:07

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