I know this is a radians/degrees issue, but I'm not sure how to solve it I have two objects (needles in a gauge) that one should rotate at 10% of the other - it's an altimeter for an airplane model

video of the rotation problem

My driver :

enter image description here

What dumb thing am I doing wrong?


Use a single property driver variable

enter image description here

Using the transform channel type of driver variable with Eulers makes it ripe for gimbal lock.

Could someone please explain gimbal lock?

If instead single property is used

enter image description here

The equivalent of

driven_needle.rotation_euler.x = driving_needle.rotation_euler.x / 10

it will work as expected, so 90 degrees becomes 9, 180 -> `18' and so on.

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    $\begingroup$ That got it, thank you! $\endgroup$ Jan 24 '20 at 13:52

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