Have been trying to rig a SPMT(Self-propelled modular transporter) and so far have only had problems getting the wheel suspension/lift to function how I want them to.

Simplified version/modell of wheels and suspension What I want to achieve is to be able to lift the body of the SPMT and have the wheels stay connected to the ground(as far as mechanically possible). And to have manual control of all wheels just in case.

Short video showing two failed attempts .

As shown in the gif is two IK attempts at solving the problems. They are essentially identical just flipped direction.

Another way I did it was to just set the arm to copy rotation from a master rot bone. It works, but feels like unnecessary manual work to animate.

enter image description here

I've also tried to combine one IK solution with some simple drivers, it works to some degrees and is the closest I've gotten. But not entirely where I want it. Video showing driver.

Would appreciate it if anyone was able to help me in the right direction about how to make a more robust solution for this.

Here's my test file in case anyone want's to look at it:


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