I have this object I want to make but when I try to mimic this texture with a shader in cycles enter image description here, it just looks darker, no shine or reflectiveness, and does not have the same kind of almost plastic look to it. I am kinda new to blender 2.8 (used it for years a while back) so I am not sure if there is some kind of new techniques I am missing out on or anything.

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enter image description here

Use a rgb in node and attach it to base color and subsurface (to keep them matched) turn up your subsurf to near max, and then adjust your roughness, specular and spec tint to somewhere in the middle of the selector value. and add to it full clearcoat with 40ish percent clearcoat roughness.

Adjust values to fit your aesthetic


Use the Principled BSDF shader.

Play with the Roughness and Specular settings.

Low roughness will make the surface "shinier" "mirror like", sharp or blurry reflections.

The specular control Specifies facing (along normal) reflectivity. In other determine how the reflected lights seem to "expand" or "spread" on the surface, so that highlights will be reflected as large surfaces or dots or points.

Note that when it comes to reflective surfaces the shader doesn't do all the job, the type of lights and their placement on the scene need to be thought out as well.

Related reading: Why does an object with a glossy shader render in black?


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