i'm little confused about the whole proccess of making a material/texture that i could apply on any mesh in UE4.

Is it possible in blender to paint a texture that could be applied on any material in UE4 and would wrap around the whole mesh? Or do i have to make a mesh in blender and paint it in there and use that mesh with that texture.

I saw a 1 video where someone was painting a brick wall in blender on a plane, so i unwraped it, followed the painting video but it didn't apply, not even on 1 whole side of the mesh in UE4. And all other tutorials are only of painting on already done 3D objects that are exported with it. I saw some tutorials of gymp, but i don't want to jump on another program if there's an option.

Thank you for any response and if you can, please send me a video of someone who does the whole process of making textures/materials that could be applied on any mesh if you have, i might have just googled badly.


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