I'm quite new to blender and I am trying to build a simple room with a repeating texture on all walls. In 3ds Max, this can be done quite simply by applying the UVW Map, setting the required size and copying this modifier to other objects.

enter image description here

And I spent half a day trying to do the same in Blender.

Wall are a little different size,

Is there any simple way to do the same in blender? I would be grateful for any answers!


You can use tri-planar mapping, which is even faster to setup and allows to control the scale in one place.

  • Create one material for all objects
  • Set the projection method of the Image Texture node to Box (Tri-planar option in Blender)
  • Adjust the Scale values of the Mapping node

enter image description here

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  • $\begingroup$ Indeed faster and simpler! Exactly what I searched for! Thank you! $\endgroup$ – Michael Jan 20 at 5:57

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