So I have a GameCube and I want to make games for it. I'd like to do this out of love for the platform and trying to contribute to it and also because I'd like the challenge of making something for a console older than me!

I've tried Google and I have not had much luck coming up with lists of game engines that can create games for the GameCube. Blender Game Engine seemed like something that might work just because the shaders are so dated and multitexture is really lightweight.

I also have experience with BGE already so that is not an issue. What I am concerned with is how to even build this game in the PowerPC architecture. I have no PowerPC device other than my Wii and GC. Furthermore, I don't know if Blender can even export the correct files for a compatible ISO to be made.

If anyone knows if this is possible, please let me know! If so, could you provide some good documentation?

FYI: I will have a modded system that can run custom mini-DVD discs and is region-free. I welcome answers with unofficial techniques.


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