Started using blender, FPS was great, but the UI was flickering. Googled, I didn't have an opengl32.dll in the directory, then added it. UI Flickering gone, but FPS dropped drastically.

Would like some help on optimizing the FPS. I would rather work with the flicker and higher FPS but that's going to destroy my eyes in the long run.

CPU: i7-6700k 4.0 up to 4.4 ghz


RAM: DDR4-3600 32gb 2x16


Here's a trick that will let you see a faster frame rate while sacrificing a few frames here and there while cycling through the animation: Use frame dropping playback. What this does is remove a few frames here and there while playing the animation so that the playback speed looks normal. Don't worry! This does not affect the playback of the final render. Here's a picture:enter image description here FYI this is 2.79. If you use 2.8+, the playback type is next to it.

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