I'm UI graphic designer and junior front end dev and I started learning blender few days ago but everytime I open blender and trying to do something while watching tutorials I'm stuck in the keyboard shortcuts issues. I find so many shortcuts links but for the Windows. I feel like Mac is something "special" for this. I will really happy if someone can help me, or if someone has any tips.

Thanks a lot! O:)

  • $\begingroup$ You mean shortcuts IN Blender or for the Mac? $\endgroup$ – Nate_Sycro27 Jan 13 at 22:10
  • $\begingroup$ Shortcuts for Blender but for Mac, not for Windows. It's different, unfortunately. When I'm using windows shortcuts in blender on mac usually works nothing. $\endgroup$ – Juraj Jan 13 at 22:29
  • $\begingroup$ I used to use Mac, and it worked fine for me. Are you sure that you have shortcuts enabled? I don't know if you can disable it, but there might be a function that does something like that. $\endgroup$ – Nate_Sycro27 Jan 14 at 2:02

I had similar problems when starting with Blender (I'm using a MacBook without mouse and Blender 2.80). Here some tipps:

  • most shortcuts are made for people with a numpad, if you only have a simple keyboard, you can change it under Edit -> Preferences -> Input -> Keyboard -> check "Emulate Numpad" (here's an older post about this topic How to emulate a Number Pad and 3 Button Mouse?)

go to preferences check Emulate Numpad

  • I also changed some of the Hotkeys under Edit -> Preferences -> Keymap (a lot of Hotkeys use keys I don't have on my simple laptop keyboard, so you might want to switch some of the functions you are using most often to key-combinations you have and are still available). It's also useful to browse trough and lookup Hotkey combinations here (they should be specific for mac and not windows) After you changed a hotkey, it has an arrow pointing left besides it (in blender 2.80) For example I changed the "view selected" to Alt+Q

Changed keymap for view selected

  • Another important thing is to choose how you want to select stuff (either right or left mouse click), you'll also find it under Edit -> Preferences -> Keymap -> 3D View -> Mesh -> 3DView: Tool Select (earlier versions of Blender had a more global switch for that)

right or left click

I hope this helps, let me know if you have questions (also always post the blender version you are using with your question, because Blender changed a lot in the last months)

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  • $\begingroup$ Hey guys, thank you very much. I didnt have disabled hotkeys I mean shortcuts. I just reinstall blender few times and everything looks fine for this time. Anyway, thanks <3 I just need to make some shortcuts of mine. $\endgroup$ – Juraj Jan 14 at 21:11

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