I have a rather strange problem. My mesh's vertex groups are all filled with random garbage from all over the mesh. This is what it looks like when I select the finger's vertex group:

Finger Mesh Selection

If you look closely you can see that, in addition to the finger being selected when I select the finger's vertex group, there are also other parts of the mesh that get selected, which are part of the vertex group and shouldn't be. Selected vertices appear all over the mesh. All of these garbage vertices seem to be fairly isolated, either being alone or only connected to a few others.

So, obviously, I would like to fix this so that the finger vertex group only contains the finger's vertices. Is there a way for Blender to figure out the biggest "clump" in my selection, and deselect everything else? My only idea so far is to press Ctrl- a few times then Ctrl+, but this has unintended side effects.


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