why for this hexagon to be symmetric, the x and y dimensions have to be 2,1 of difference?

Symmetric hexagon If I enter the same value for both x and y, the hexagon looses its symmetry:

The save value for x and y Rotating the hexagon, things results really weird:

different distance from center If I rotate it in edit mode, everything goes messy:

in edit mode goes messy

Any ideas? Why do I have to make x and y 2,1 apart?

Thanks in advance,


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When you set the Dimensions of an object, it is scaled to fit in a bounding box of the given size in the X, Y and Z of the object's local axes. (The XYZ of Object Space) The scale is not necessarily uniform.

A regular hexagon does not fit into a square. If it is 1 unit high, with corners top and bottom, it is sqrt(3) / 2 units wide.

So if you want to set the dimensions of the bounding box to contain a regular hexagon, height H, you would set the Y dimension to H, and the X dimension to H*0.866, which you can enter straight into the X field.

BTW, It's wise, (unless you have special reasons,) if you have scaled an object in Object Mode, to CtrlA > Apply the scale of the object before proceeding, because of side-effects of non-uniform scaling in the object's transform on things like modifiers, further down the line.


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