I'm trying to animate my first blender render (https://www.instagram.com/p/B6zkzSTDqiC/) and having trouble gettings the particles to stay put. The bushes next to the entrances of the building are created by particles (from a sphere object) and when I start the animation, they automatically fall down because of the gravity of the scene. So a question here: is there a way to have the bush particles stay on the sphere when I start the animation?



Probably you won't need all of these, but to stay on the safe side:

  1. the Start and End time of the particle Emission must be 1 (all particles emitted at the first frame) and their Lifetime must be 250 (or the animation length in frames)
  2. the Velocity must be 0 in each one of its components. Including Normal, that is 1 by default!
  3. Physics Type should be set to None
  4. the Field Weights called Gravity and All must be 0 (this is redundant, since Physics: None should guarantee this already)

To summarize:

enter image description here

(Hair particles, on the other hand, won't move by default. Unless Hair Dynamics is selected; in which case, deselect it.)

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