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So the first picture is right after I selected where I will cut, and the second picture is after pressing Enter/Space Bar which should apply my previous result to the world. But it is not what I asked blender for, and it tries to snap at vertices. In the tutorial video, it seems that I can cut edges without already existing vertices but it is not the case for me. How do I change this?


Congrats. You've encountered a weird limitation of the Knife Tool.
It acts up with too large near/far clipping range.

Unexpected behavior with extreme clipping range (0,1mm-1000000mm) enter image description here

Solution 01
Adjust your clipping range
Lower the highest values, until the knife tool starts working correctly.

enter image description here

Solution 02
Use flat orthographic view.
Knife tool works fine even with extreme clipping values, when using front/top/side orthographic view.

enter image description here

This is actually caused by 3D View limitations that all OpenGL/DirectX graphics applications have. It's not just a Blender thing.
You can read more about it in the Blender Troubleshooting Manual.


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